Sunday, 18 August 2013

Celebrations and Gifts

first off let me apologise for the long delay in posting update in my blog - the weather has been glorious here and I've spent most of it outside reading my kindle and enjoying a glass or three of wine in the SUNSHINE!  yes! sunshine!  and very nearly every day too!  We've found it to be pleasant later on in early evening and means that dh has been able to sit out after work and before we eat so its given us chance to all sit and chat about our forthcoming holiday.  We are off to Spain for a week and can't wait - lets hope the weather over there is as good.

now.  First things first - birthdays!  our no.2.son celebrated his 18th birthday - I've sneaked a photo of him because I know you like to see family photos (he doesn't know btw! so keep quiet about how lovely he looks if you see him!!).  We had a nice family meal out at local pub that does English and Indian food and ended with a cocktail for us and a "mocktail" for him.  We're lucky I suppose that neither of our lads have discovered drink yet although it make for some disapproving looks as dh and I fall about giggling - ahem!  it ought be the other way round?
Anyway reason for no.2.son having pride of place is that just after his birthday we got his A level results and place at his preferred choice of Uni accepted!  hurrah's all round we're very proud and happy here for him.   He has signed up already and received letters in the post including an invite for "parents" to attend a special afternoon end of of Sept to learn all about life at Uni - as neither of us went anywhere near a Uni we're both proud our lads are going and looking forward to hearing about "life at Uni" for the youngsters.

Staying on the "proud mum" bit, our no.1.son who is set to start his year 3 has received a lovely letter from his Dean confirming his "brilliant" start and mentioning lots of positives over his two years and offering an invite to continue his studies if he wishes - which he does - we're proud of him especially because we know he works very very hard at his studies.

Also on the birthday front ..
it was MINE too!  my brother came round with a bottle of JD which was very welcome! as you can see I've tested it ... hic ..
and thats not all - I am lucky to have some fab knit night pals and I received birthday cards and gifts which was lovely and a total surprise!

As well as lovely yarn and project bag I received patterns too including the lovely guernsey triangle which I've wanted for ages - I'm thinking of knitting it for the Great British BakeOff which starts again this coming week - or maybe socks!? hmm .. decisions decisions ..

While I'm deciding I'm currently reading and enjoying the lovely "unofficial Harry Potter" magazine that seems like everyone is talking about on Ravelry.
I tried to get hold of it through a UK yarn shop but they emailed to say it would not be distributed through UK afterall and I was lucky enough to have a US knit pal who was happy to do a "swap" of magazines - the patterns are lovely and there is plenty to read too - a very good magazine if you get a chance to a copy do get one.

On the knitting side not much is happening, I've knitted up to the armhole decreases on my jumper and have just started no.2.son sleeve for Dingle but I'm afraid it really has been too hot to knit and I've been reading my Kindle instead.  I finished The Hobbit and Pride & Prejudice and am now reading LOTR and am about 24% through.  I am pleased to be enjoying reading again and the novelty of reading off a kindle means I pick it up everyday.

Elsewhere everything is pretty normal no more news no outings or anything, like I said at the top its been mostly sat outside enjoying the weather and reading - its been a good summer and I'm looking forward to the autumn.

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