Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Update but no photos

There is still some knitting OTN's that is progressing, and a new jumper gone on them too but no photo's yet to share.
Our son has come home from Uni and passed his year 2 exams with a really good result that is promising over all for him as he waits to sit his final year this autumn.  We're waiting now to see if he can get any summer work to top up his bank balance but so far nothing!  everyone is anxious as we have no.2.son waiting for his A level results next month and hoping for a place at the local Uni - all our fingers are crossed, you can cross yours too for us if you like! ha!

Knitting continues on "Dingle" I am now on the 2nd sleeve ahead of sewing up and knitting the pockets and collar it will be done soon and I am "enjoying" Wimbledon while I knit.
The advantage of knitting is that it can be done while watching tv with the family and with two lads and a husband you can imagine there is a lot of SPORT on our tv!

I have not yet CO for Willowherb - although I had intended knitting it for the May/June KAL in Rachel's group, in the end I decided to concentrate on FINISHING things before starting something new but it is still there in my minds eye queue to knit next.

My kindle has been read this last couple of weeks, I've read The Hobbit and am now 40% through Pride & Prejudice and am queuing books up to follow, I shall take it on holiday when we go away later in the year.  It can be read in brilliant sunshine as I found out last Sunday when I sat out and read all afternoon in the sunshine and yes I've got a patch of sunburn too!

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