Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Crafty New Year resolutions

Talking with long standing craft pals it seems I am not alone in having difficulty setting craft goals and sticking to plans for FINSHING before looking around to cast on a new project.  Often this involves buying another new pattern .. Then there's the stash!  .. How come no matter how I look at it, it usually means another purchase!  WHY do I find it so hard to finish?
And why am I so easily distracted and find myself lusting over patterns and shove what I have got well under way into bags and out of sight?
Once put down, it's so difficult to just pick up and knit from where left off.
Well.  This year I am resolving that things will be different!  Things will be organised!  Things will be finished!  Things will wait patiently in a queue until I am ready to cast on!
There!  As easy as that!  Hurrah, I have sorted it! ..
Please, if you have tips to share on managing and organising crafty projects through from start to finish - do share with me! X

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