Friday, 28 December 2012

Clearance yarns

So much for New Year resolutions then ..

Day one and what do I do?  Leap across to House of Fraser and fling bags into my basket!
I wouldn't mind, but I did a sterling job of talking my knit-pal-Sally out of her bargains  helping her put them back and what do I do?!  Rush to do what I don't need to do buy more wool!  Crazy.
Although, I have wanted to knit a red jumper, I have wanted to knit a garment in fine lace .. And I can't resist a bargain I hold my hands up I am hopeless!

As well as a bag of ten fine lace, a bag of 20 denim found its way into my basket too!
I wanted to knit a Kim Hargreaves cardi for ages and the pale blue is just my colour!

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