Friday, 3 August 2012

Ravellenics : FINISHED!

I finished! yay! 3rd August around 16:30 my first project for the team!  Event - Shawl Sailing and my lovely Rosaleen shawl!
The pattern was gifted to me by the Designer, Rachel Coopey, for finishing her lovely Strawbs socks in timely fashion and I loved knitting it! and will enjoy wearing it!
The shawl needs blocking - tomorrow now! but I wanted to get it up and registered across the FINISH LINE for the team/Ravellenics games!

Lovely afternoon yesterday with knit-pal-Sally we each got a good bargain in the form of Knit Pro straight needles at HALF PRICE! stocked up on popular sizes - my gift to myself!

Do Not Disturb
what can I say? Lilly the cat curled up in front of the freezer chilling in this hot weather we've had in a very deep sleep : Do Not Disturb! cats, eh? x

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