Saturday, 4 August 2012

Past the post and blocking on the sewing mat

I've officially finished and been presented on the Podium for the Event: Shawl Sailing - hurrah!
(you have to look quite far down - ahem - there are plenty ahead of me! but I'm pleased and proud to have DONE my project in a timely fashion and you can see it here).

My shawl is blocking nicely now on the cutting table in my sewing room - note to self: do NOT announce in passing to dh as he clomps up the stairs headed to the bathroom "oh! my shawl IS BLOCKING IN THE SINK .."
to dh, this translates as "ah! there is some old bit of wooly stuff BLOCKING UP THE SINK .. "
picture me carefully soaking my shawl - fast forward to dh scraping at and tugging at fibres ..
you can imagine the squeals yourself ..

Tomorrow I hope to be able to share photo's of the finished project blocked out nicely and dry but for now its laid out between towels and I expect one or other cat will find it a comfy bed overnight ..

Soon I plan to CO and commence Event Two: Afghan Marathon .. wish me luck ..

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