Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Some sewing! (sort of) customising tees!

I need to take some more photo's really but losing the momentum slightly! Above is one of the t.shirts I decided to customise just before sewing 3xhooks'n'eyes to fasten at the front "cardigan style".

Here you can see that applying the trim to the centre fronts just didn't really do anything to enhance this tee shirt.

Two tee shirts bought in dh's works sample sale for .50p each, 2 sizes too large and an unsuitable for my shape neckline, I was going to just take to charity shop but after feeling inspired to have a go at customising them after reading an article in Sewing World magazine (my last copy as a subscriber!) I've managed to make them slightly more wearable.
I've sewn mini darts in the 2nd, and will take pics and upload (maybe!) ..

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Jules said...

You are amazing! I love the ideas you come up with and what an amazing upgrade for the .50p shirts!! I'd love to see a picture of one on you.