Friday, 31 March 2017

A Year of Techniques- March

This year is going to be exciting because I've joined in with the lovely Jen Arnall-Culliford for her A Year of Techniques in which each month brings a new project to knit and learn a technique and we've had the first - helical stripes knitting a pair of lovely arm warmers, pattern by Jen herself. At the end of the year we will have covered 12projects and a book to keep, plus patterns.
I am glad that I joined in and Jen's ravelry  group is lovely and friendly and no one tut tutted at my minor mistakes in this first project.
I wound the ball that I got from buying the kit (optional) and set off knitting picking up the technique easily and I enjoyed this project very much - it was fun to do and I'd do it again.
Next week sees month two and all we know is the needle size and gauge- I shall have to be patient!

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