Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Horrid weather but two finished knitted items

HORRID weather! go away! I dislike the rain and its bad timing for me as I booked this week off from work!  Mind, part of the reason was to get into the sewing room and make a blouse! 
I have in fact made a blouse - a test run to see how the pattern goes together before cutting into my "good fabric" I'm fairly pleased with it but not completely.
Its been a while since I've sat at my machines and I have to say the overlocker didn't do a great seam finish and my machine played up a bit with its tension so it wasn't quite as enjoyable project as I had thought it would be!

Anyway it just needs button holes and buttons sewn and then its done and I have some nice fabric for another try - I will post details of pattern and pics next week.

FINALLY I finished the striped cardigan after following Anniken Allis's online continental course on finishing techniques and I am pleased with it although its destined for display rather than for use which seems a shame.

Also finished is Patchouli which I knit to go with my "good blouse" as yet not made up - weird to think I've knit a garment before I've sewn one but I have been procrastinating some time over this but at least I am ready to go!

Back OTN's is Dingle and I have just started the pattern sequence on the left front and going to concentrate on this as my garment knit.
Almost at the heel is sock.2 and I have decided to finish this pair and then start Rachel's KAL for her may/june challenge for her new sock book - if I don't make it in time then too bad but I have got to start FINISHING stuff before starting anew.
If anyone has any tips or cures for startitis please don't keep them to yourself - share with me! please!

Cold again with this dull and miserable weather we are looking to book a weeks holiday this summer but really with the chances high for wet and rain will we have a look in for good weather this summer?

Finally, family news and our no.1.son reports a set of really good top marks for his latest set of pieces for his uni course and both our lads are taking exams very soon so please wish them and others also undertaking tests and exams the very best of luck and hope all gets the results they deserve.

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