Wednesday, 8 May 2013

A beautiful finish!

After consideration I decided to join Anniken Allis's "professional finishing" online course which commenced start of May and runs until the end of this week, I already had a baby cardi garment that needed sewing up so used this instead of the mock up half pattern supplied with the course.

I'm pleased I joined, no matter how much you think you know there is always more to learn and just picking up a few tips like placing and positioning of pins is enough to warrant joining in and signing up.  You can see the garment isn't quite finished - on Friday we tackle picking up and knitting the bands and buttonholes but already my lovely cardi is looked beautifully pressed?

Anniken also used her little butterfly clips and I dug mine out of my basket and used them too.  I also used my lovely curved darning needle purchased at recent NEC sewing for pleasure show.

Also beautifully finished - my intarsia and fabric backed cushion!  didn't take long to knit up I was anxious about joining the fabric back, but in the end it was a breeze!  I blocked out the front to a nice square 18" and overlocked all the raw edges before back stitching by hand to the front and then machining with a light zig-zag to ensure it didn't all come apart under strain of using and voila! a lovely cushion!

Almost finished is Patchouli, just the one sleeve to go and then I can properly "professionally finish" this garment too.  Its all blocked out and waiting for me to finish and block the final sleeve and then I shall sew up.  Next I need to sew the blouse that it was designed to be worn with but I'm rather putting off that task in case I miraculously lost a stack of weight.
I've not.  In fact, I've put ON.  And thats with being ON the "diet".  Can't understand it, my husband has also had a disappointing couple of weeks losing only 1lb.  At least his was a loss albeit a small one, very cross at jumping on scales to see I'd gained I did his trick of moving the scales about the floor in a bid to get the "lowest" possible reading.  In the end, though, I went for my usual place and just accepted it - when I first joined I did marvellously well and was well onto a winner even managing to do the tricky Christmas/newyear/birthday periods without a gain and now I wish I'd not bothered! bah!
The weather has been glorious over the weekend, in the end we didn't go out over the Bank Holiday and now the clouds are overhead and ominously black and full of rain no doubt, its putting me in mind to knit some summer weight garments and I hope to pick up the needles and rejoin Dingle to get that finished next.  I've come out from the naughty corner after giving myself a good talking to have decided I'm no better or worse than any of my knitty-pals and am back now on track for some serious knitting.

Last week we went on a girls' trip out to visit two local newly opened "wool shops" which were lovely and I enjoyed the day - I shall have to see if I can get a copy of the pics to share.
The Guthrie & Ghani shop was first on the trip, we didn't buy anything here and managed to look all over both the fabric and haby side and the yarn in a short space of time, I feel there is more to come from the lovely owner who was also entered into the wonderfully fun "Great British Sewing Bee" and certainly you could tell her passion for "sewing" will help her business to grow in strength.  The shop was reasonably busy and had a good atmosphere but unfortunately there wasn't enough wool to interest me on this occasion.
Next up was Stitch Solihull - sorry its a FB link to anyone who hasn't got one!  I don't think they have a website yet, they do have a Ravelry group if you search you'll be sure to find it.  A lovely little shop with plenty to choose from with yarns that are well known like Fyberspates and Malabrigo and Easy Knits etc - I bought some lovely stitch markers and some bits and pieces including a 2.5mm hiyahiya circ for socks.
The day ended with a pot of tea and cake!  we celebrated our first whole year as friends and part of a group that formed when our own lys closed down and we wanted to continue meeting and sharing our knitting and friendship - it was a nice way to celebrate new friendships and long may it continue!

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