Sunday, 20 January 2013


actually its been snowing off and on for last couple of days, but today it has snowed ALL day!
I managed to get into work and am due this week some extra days but not sure whether the buses will be running.  No.2.son's College cancelled on Thurs evening for Fridays session but, weirdly, today while there is HUGE amounts they are reserving judgement until 7am tomorrow!

As my son has a nasty cold I would favour him being kept home but as he has exams, I don't want him to lose the time - if College cancels then that is different.

With all this snowy weather its left me more and more inclined to sit down and KNIT but here I thought I'd share some snowy photos of our cats and the garden and leave the knitting to another blog post.

Lilly ventures outside

while Bertie ponders ..
thinks about following her up the garden
but settles for licking the snow off his paws and returning INSIDE
our garden in the snow - Jan 2013

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