Wednesday, 30 January 2013


Not often I can shriek "I've FINISHED!" but I have!
Finished is the lovely "Hidden Picture" owl cowl pattern that came from a lovely gift swap from a cyber pal - and its very cosy at the neck too!

I knit it using two balls of Rowan BSB chunky left over from a previous project and its really cosy to wear and doesn't itch like some "wools" can either.
It ended up taking "months" from start to finish but in truth I had it almost ready after about a week but you know me and "startitis" - I'm fine with the START but its the END I struggle with.

I am noting in a book now where I am in my patterns and crossing off as I go the list of stuff OTN's and so far its working.
One of my difficulties is in keeing track of progress, I think I will remember .. for a few days I probably would .. but after a few weeks or months its all gone!  I hope that writing out my pattern and marking my last position with help me feel inspired to pick up projects and continue.

I love this pattern! this is the gorgeous chevron Killing III jumper that I bought as a kit from here and I am enjoying the knitting - its coming along quite quickly too as its only 2 pattern rounds and the first is always "knit knit knit".

Ice Queen is knitting along nicely, I might revise how many sets of repeats I do but I'm enjoying the pattern however I plan to wear it as a cowl and not a snood.

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