Monday, 12 December 2011

things I've bought

things I've bought recently and

books I've borrowed from the library ..

Our library is excellent for getting in good books and I'm enjoying these two and still using the previous Hairy Biker's cook book from where the ginger sponge in the next post came from.

A couple of weekends ago a vintage fair was being held and I dragged the family along for a mornings worth of sheer misery!  I need to accept that they DON'T enjoy the same things as me! they did their best and dutifully rushed through the entire hall and rooms albeit in rather a frantic mad "where's the EXIT" type of way before dh declared himself coming over all headachey and no.2.son went all pale and announced he was feeling FAINT.
I left them to wander about the high street and I bought these:

 Handmade Christmas cards from Sutton Coldfield vintage fair.

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