Monday, 12 December 2011

I'd rather be KNITTING

Actually I've been knitting quite a lot and have some lovely yarns too waiting to be knit up!
Here is the latest skein of hand dyed DK semi solid yarn by The Knitting Goddess bought from this weekend's trunk show at the lovely Fibre flurry yarn shop.
I went to the trunk show with knit-pal-Sally and enjoyed browsing the yarns and seeing all the lovely patterns made up, I had my eye on the super Rosaleen shawl knit in this yarn and plan to purchase the pattern and CO very soon!  There are some lovely mittens with a fingerless glove version too if you buy the pattern "set" and seeing them knit up they really are a lovely mitten and I'm quite tempted!!
It was nice to chat with and meet Rachel and Joy (and two other ladies whose names I'm not sure of!!).
The terrific news for ME however, is that Mikayla is going to be relocating her shop to just up the road FROM me over Christmas and is having a lovely party mid-Jan to celebrate her new premises which promises to be bigger and better! and offer opportunities for workshops!  We enquired, and it seems likely that there will also be two regular opportunities to go along for "knit and chat" sessions in both the day and evening which will suit both myself and my pal with whom I would go along with!  hurrah! for having a LYS on our doorstep at last!!  Naturally this is good news, but I just hope that our bank balances can stand such excitement?

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