Saturday, 24 June 2017

Crochet blanket

My lovely crocheted blanket is speeding along nicely!  I'm using Stylecraft special dk from Christine's wool shop and the colours match my decor nicely.  Bertie, my cat, has his eye on it - I really must make him a lap quilt as he's decided after 11 yrs to suddenly become a lap cat only he's not terribly good at it!  Think claws! Ha ha.

In other news my lovely youngest son came home from his 10month trip backpacking and working around New Zealand last week!  Talk about nervy and on the edge!  I've suffered tremendously with anxiety while he's been away!  HE'S had the time if his life - mum here has become angst ridden and dependant on TABLETS ha ha!  My Drs have both been understanding and allowed me to stay on the medication which has had the effect of heightening my mood - not good when you have bipolar!
Still it's done now and he's home!  He's eating very well and hasn't appeared to suffer with jet lag that we've noticed.
Next month at bipolar support group we are covering hypo mania which is what I get so it ought to be interesting!

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Lulu said...

beautiful granny blanket