Sunday, 19 February 2017

I'm still here

I'm still here and still knitting!
I thought of creating a brand new blog for the next year but then thought it a shame to discard all my lovely references to patterns and photographs so in the end decided on a new title instead.  And a commitment to blog more frequently.
I've joined up with Jen and Jim's A Year of Techniques and splashed out on their spring kit.
The first pattern and technique comes out in March and I shall blog my progress.

As well as aiming to follow the Year of Techniques I am aiming to challenge myself to a/ finish more wips and b/ knit from stash this year. Further I want to learn more about crocheting and doing two projects to keep my hand in while I wait for a lovely course my friend, Jan, and I plan to go on.

With my mood disorder, Bipolar, it can be difficult at times to control certain behaviours such as pattern buying, yarn buying and I suffer dreadfully with caston-itis!  Ha ha!  But with the help of supportive friends and a friendly support group I am hoping to learn more solutions to this problem.

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