Sunday, 2 February 2014

Sunday afternoon knitting ..

My project, Fayer, is coming along nicely and I am knitting my second sleeve with just the making up and finishing to do next.   I have two projects on the go - a second sock and a scarf - and plans for another garment.  Our holiday plans to Australia are progressing nicely with a comprehensive list of things to do and see, I am sure everyone is right and it won't be long enough!  We are all super excited though!

On the knitting front I am trying hard to knit from stash and be more organised - I realise that much as I enjoy my knitting it can at the same time cause me to feel stressed (especially because as a process knitter I keep getting side tracked by all the new things to try!)
I had a mad spell and signed for three more half priced Craftsy classes including a finishing class and an improve your knitting and I enjoy all three and wish I had more time!
Time management is not my strong point!

This months "Knitter" magazine came yesterday and I am tempted yet more patterns!

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