Monday, 21 October 2013

Dingle is finished and Buckland is OTN's!

"Dingle" is finished! at last, I started it in March and put it down over the summer as I went "off" knitting a bit and found myself at the bottom of a bottle of gin mostly but now I am back to knitting with a renewed energy!  I finished off the ends and buttons over the weekend and promise to take a better photo of me wearing it maybe - soon - when I can get someone to oblige by taking a photograph.  It looks a bit like a dish rag above, its nicer in real life and the cotton is lovely I'd knit with it again!  I omitted the faux pocket flaps but have plenty of yarn left so might do them - not sure yet.

Newly OTN's this weekend is "Buckland".  I CO and started it watching X-Factor and so far so good - its lovely alpaca to knit and too soon yet to see the colour shading but it promises to be a cosy knit.  It took me a few minutes to get used to the difference from the cotton but my needles are gliding now!

I've spent the last week with a raging sore throat and flu/cold symptoms and have now got a headache and shivery feeling but seem to have got over the worst - I don't know whether to blame the flu jab I had or believe the Nurse thats its a coincidence.  Either way I still feel under the weather but looking forward to the weekend.  We were going to Fibre Flurry, but as thats been cancelled we're off to Stitch Solihull's "stitch up" instead (love the name they've given it but not brave enough to comment on it on Ravelry - he-he!!)  should be a fun day out and looking forward to seeing lots of socks and hats both of which I'm keen on.
I shall report on that next week no doubt with a hat/yarn purchase to show off too.

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